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The concept of the Flow of the Good is directly related to the concept of time. People create connections in time and get benefits (the Good) through these connections. People spend their lifetime on the creation and maintenance of these relations. Therefore, the time is the non-renewable resource that people spend on obtaining various benefits, both material and non-material (money, goods, good relationships, success, luck, etc., all things that are included in the concept of a happy life). People can spend their lifetime with different levels of effectiveness. Various kinds of noise, both external and internal ones, prevent the person from optimal spending of time by increasing the number of errors and waste of resources. The Blaga cards enable their users to reduce these wastes and to go beyond the borders of personal limitations. This happens mainly thanks to the increase of the scales of the person’s interactions with the time.

We can imagine the model of one’s interactions with the time as a cone of events in three time coordinates.

For people time is manifest as sequences of events, which are the transition from cause to effect.

Owing to the variety of reasons, which can lead to one or many effects of the same cause, it is possible to speak about parallel events as a multitude on the field of events. So we can imagine the field of events, in which a person is involved, as a circle on a plane of time coordinates t1 and t2. The diameter of the circle depends on the limitations that a person imposes on his or her actions. It is also related to the dimension of the third time coordinate t3. This t31 dimension determines the cone of events in which a person is able to create connections that will enable him/her to receive the flow of benefits (blue lines in Figure 1). The diameter of the circle in the plane of the field of events determines the scales of the flow of benefits for a particular person.

The Blaga card increases the scales of interaction with the time. So the user of the card moves from point t31 to point t32 (so the dimensions in this coordinate increase). The cone of events increases (the red lines in Figure 1), which leads to the extension of the field of events.

The user of the Blaga card gets an opportunity to go beyond his/her own limits and to begin to create new connections that will increase the flow of the good. This can be manifest in new ideas which will suddenly appear, in new people they will meet, new opportunities that were unavailable before. Most often the users of the Blaga cards notice that they have become more successful and that they need less time than before to achieve positive results.

It is necessary to pay attention that these new time reserves should be used for creative activity. Under creative activity we understand creation of new things, which did not exist before. This does not necessarily have to be arts, as it is possible to create new things in any field.

Different people have different scales of interaction with the time. Most often it is manifest in different incomes or different levels of events, which happen in the lives of these people. Some people are employees with low salaries, others have their own business. The levels of business can also be different. All people have different scales of the field of events.

The increase of the field of events while using the Blaga card depends on the value of the card. There are different cards: Blaga, Blaga SILVER, Blaga GOLD, Blaga PLATINUM and Blaga BRILLIANT. In Figure 2 one can see the difference between the increase of the flow of benefits, caused by Blaga Gold (in the left) and a usual Blaga (in the right). The level of this increase is reflected in the prices of the cards. The scales of the Blaga Silver are five times higher than those of a usual Blaga, the scales of the Blaga Gold are ten times higher than those of a usual Blaga, the scales of the Blaga Brilliant are one hundred times higher than those of a usual Blaga. The users can determine themselves what scales of the Translighter Blaga correspond with their activity. Different levels of activity require different scales of the flow of the good, therefore, they require different investments in the maintenance of the structure. One should buy the card the price of which is available for him/her. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that a transfer to a new level requires time and particular skills in organization of necessary connections.

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