The Concept of a Biological Field

The Concept of a Biological Field

Konstantin Korotkov

The entire electromagnetic spectrum – is nothing but Maxwell waves,

which in turn are vibrating Faraday force fields.

Michio Kaku (Modern physicist)

After the first experiments of Gustav Fechner, it became obvious that psychology is inextricably linked with physiology — that body and soul form a continuous and inseparable entity, a unified system that defines any particular human being as an individual in his/her social interactions, psychological and physical realities. When we accept the idea of a multilevel structure of a human being, we come to understand the inseparability of the psychological and the physical and the physiological parts. We may represent this connection by means of a simple diagram:

Soul => Brain => Nervous system => Physiology

or, in other words:

Spirit => Consciousness => Soma

Only when a person lives for his/her soul, enjoying the company of friends and relatives, enjoying his/her occupation, will he or she truly be able to appreciate life, in all its fullness and perfection. That is why the concepts of spirituality and metaphysics inevitably penetrated contemporary Occidental science and stimulated profound discussions at professional scientific forums.

“Psycho-physiologists should not try to avoid the concept of a soul. Soul incorporates intellect and mind, as well as the most important thing – the experience obtained from phenomena of the world around us… In other words, the difference between a professional and a specialist lies in the ethical core of the individual.” This quotation is from a lecture by V.A.Ponomarenko, M.D., Professor, and Member of the Russian Academy of Education.

Bio-Well software

The accumulated experience from the past supports a conclusion that the concepts of spirituality and physiology can be usefully reflected by studying of the biologicfield. The theory of biologic fieldsdevelopedbyAlexanderGurvichin1944 haditsseventieth birthday . Adopting the use of this term coined by A.G. Gurvich , we adjusted the concept of biologic field – not as a metaphysical abstraction – but as a measurable psycho-physical object. The Bio- Well instrument is one of the several possible ways of studying a biologic field.

The bio-field of an organism has a holographic structure, but it does not represent a constant, rigid formation – rather, it is a living, fluctuating, breathing cloud, concentrated in a particular area of space unlimited by rigid borders. The glowing halo around the body of an individual or his/her particular organs, for example an image taken from a finger, remains constant and stable for a certain period of time and, therefore, two images taken with only a small delay will look nearly the same. Now the individual starts thinking about how an upcoming meeting is going to take place – and the glowing image changes: it shivers and a gentle wave passes throughout the structure, touching its every section. They are like clouds – on a gloomy day clouds are seemingly stable, but then we can detect changes even within this stability. Therefore, the biologic energy of humans reacts to mental and emotional activity, and it can be useful for psycho- physiologic diagnostics of an individual’s state.

Numerous publications by scientists from different countries have shown that the analysis of Energy Field images allows for registering the radiation activity from the bio-field of any organism. Bio-Well imaging provides a convenient means for observing the dynamics of an individual’s changing state during his/her life or under the influence of a therapy. These dynamics reflect the ‘breathing’ of the organism’s biologic field, in both physiological and psychological aspects. The natural character of Bio-Well imaging changes to reflect the thoughts and emotions of a person. To date, the Bio-Well method is currently among the most sensitive and precise methods for monitoring the state of human health.

In quantum physics, energy fields can be represented by a stress- energy tensor which is not in Einstein-Minkowsky space-time; it is to form structures in physical reality, but only partially in physical space-time. Modern quantum dynamics’ approach to understanding Energy Fields may be found in [Korotkov K., Levichev A. The 3-fold Way and Consciousness Studies

These ideas are too complicated to present here, so I refer all interested readers to above mentioned research.

The Concept of a Biological Field

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