Energy Field Imaging with Polycontrast Interference Photography

Energy Field Imaging with Polycontrast Interference Photography

Pune, India. April 2004

Dr Thornton WJA Streeter D.Sc. BRCP

And John R Rogerson.

Affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine No: A573

Introduction to the Human Energy Field

Its Role in the Future of Healthcare

The Human energy field (HEF) is a holographic projected lattice of primarily light and sound emanating from a twin poled core at the centre of the human body with multiple interpenetrating layers.


The EF has often been seen, described and depicted in religious and spiritual writings dating back to the earliest writings. Dennis Milner in his book the Loom of Creation recounts his observations of distinct body field layers with circular and triangular structures in differing layers.

Up until the early 20th century, detection of the energy field (EF) remained in the hands of certain gifted individuals, including clairvoyants whose enhanced range of ‘sight’ allowed them to detect energy fields, either through their visual sight or through the more etheric ‘third eye’ brow chakra (chakras are energy gates into the energy field, described later) .


The EF is composed of electro-magnetic and bio-dynamic radiations that can be measured against the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum with a variety of different devices; SQUID, ESM, BEST, PIP, Electrography, Radionics, ACMOS (Lescher) Antennae, Bio-feedback metre and GDV to name a few.


The HEF is a protective sheath which can be punctured and torn leading to illness and disease. It is a blueprint for where and how our physical body hangs in space and time. Changes in the physical/emotional health status of an individual are reflected and can thus be detected in their

HEF (and vice versa). Indeed practitioners of complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) including eastern medicines such as acupuncture believe that physical/emotional imbalances (including disease) are caused by and thus preceded by disturbances in the energetic body. It seems more likely that not only does the energetic matrix effect the physical/emotional body’s health but so too can the reverse be true.



Vibrational Medicine


Based on such concepts, there now exists a whole body of medicine termed energy or vibrational medicine. This approach acknowledges the non-physical (subtle energetic) make-up of the body and seeks to treat disease by releasing energy blockages and imbalances. In turn this helps to rebalance and sustain the physical/emotional body’s health. It is the case that when a broken bone is left it will eventually heal itself leaving no pain, but with limited durability, mobility and strength. However if the bone is repositioned to set in the correct manner then full durability, mobility and strength can return. The same is true with the HEF. Any damage to the physical/emotional system will be reflective of a corresponding weakness in the EF. If no attention is given to the underlying energy matrix then any repairs carried out on the physical/emotional body will be done upon an unsound energy matrix and thus have limited durability, mobility and strength.


As a result of increased interest in this field (as well as all aspects of complementary and alternative medicine, CAM) there is naturally a growing scientific interest in the search for objective, valid and reliable methods of measuring bio-energetic health status.


“An ability to detect illness and energetic disturbances reliably and accurately in a person’s etheric body days or weeks prior to the appearance of actual physical symptoms would be truly miraculous”

(Richard Gerber, 2000)


The past few decades have seen large advances in the CAM field. There are protocols in place to rigorously examine the efficacy and safety of these treatment modalities so that they may be incorporated into the modern healthcare arena. However, a common complaint of CAM practitioners is that the clinical research being carried out to test their validity is not performed in a manner which complements their given modality i.e. takes no account of the mechanism involved. It is apparent to CHEFR that the majority of CAM therapies involve an energetic component, as part of the healing or treatment process, and thus an assessment procedure that considers all these aspects would seem necessary. Omitting this intertwined variable could go some way to explaining why many of these research papers have found erroneous, often conflicting results.


The Atlas of Disease States (AODS)


The AODS is shortened from the Atlas of Human energy Field images and data collated to reveal the stages of each Disease State to triangulate an individual’s health trajectory.


CHEFR constructed a model of disease stages based on seven distinct stages of manifestation. These different levels are measured against an axis of time and are sub- divided from three major groups- pre-medical, medical and post- medical. It is possible to calculate an individual’s health trajectory well before symptoms would give rise to a diagnosis that is sadly often too late to initiate a program of healing.


Primary pre-symptomatic is the first stage of disease manifestation and can be seen as congestion or a leak in the HEF meridians or energy channels. The acupuncture points therefore reveal this primary stage long before the individual feels any pain, hence the tradition in China where the community paid the doctors to keep them healthy and were reimbursed if ever taken ill- pioneering holistic insurance!


Secondary pre-symptomatic is reached when the imbalance affects the Chakras in the HEF so this throws out the body’s natural self-healing mechanism.


Primary symptomatic – now imbalances can be detected the HEF over the organs that will be afflicted as the disease takes its physical manifestation. Earliest pathological test would now reveal this imbalance.


Secondary symptomatic with pain. By now the individual concerned is feeling pain so is on his way to see his GP or local doctor and his symptoms will reveal the right treatment that will cure his disease.


Acute – depending on the type and severity of the condition any number of different treatments and assessment techniques would reveal and affect different aspects of the illness. The best model is one that evaluates each case individually to work out the most cost effective and least invasive treatment that would be appropriate.


Chronic in many cases a simple cure is not available and the physical body is often affected in a degenerative way. Many modern scanners can witness the impact of chronic disease in the body including CAT MRI X-ray


Terminal or remission All lives end and some believe at a pre ordained time – there are amazing stories of remissions often linked to a positive outlook and a desire to first understand and then lift the imbalance back into equilibrium.


Our work is now collating a database of disease stages known as the Atlas of Diseases. It is a well known fact amongst energy workers around the world that energy field imbalances can be detected before they manifest in the physical body. This interactive program allows the practitioner to compare any patient’s energy field profile with a database of others recordings. Comparison could be made to both previous instances that the individual has been scanned (to track the progress of recovery) and also with other individuals with known pathology. This will be done using a range of different analysis programs such as pattern recognition and size averaging. When finding similar matches the system highlights consistencies in both the medical records and in the scans of other matches.


The Atlas of HEF ‘maps’ and evaluating the onset of each disease state


Correlation occurs by cross-referencing, pattern and colour recognition, banding, intersections and chakra and meridian activity in terms of both congestion and leaks.


For instance a set of PIP energy field images will be taken along with BEST and ESM readings. These results are correlated, via online communication, through the Atlas of Disease database.

Similar case studies that match the new client’s data are collated together in a ‘computerised basket’ which then analyse the data to see if similar symptoms are revealed. This will lead to a statistical probability rating of possible energy field matrix weaknesses that can be addressed to prevent the possible further manifestation of disease.


Health Prediction & triangulating an individual’s Health Trajectory.


This new concept, pioneered by Dr. Thornton Streeter is based on the benefit that new technological advances in holistic diagnosis allow us to identify an individual’s unique health position before the physical manifestation of a disease. Dr Streeter believes that the energy field is the matrix upon which our physical bodies hang. Other scientific researchers and pioneers have also followed this understanding. (McTaggart, 2001)


The concept of establishing an individual’s health trajectory is not new; any doctor can be heard explaining the likely progression of symptoms to a patient. However, in terms of preventative medicine to work it must be able to reliably track a person’s journey into a particular disease. The soundest method of predictive validity is to correlate results gained from any test with a past database of results. This process can identify and point towards possible developing diseases that can then be prevented from manifesting within the physical body.


This would transform global healthcare, its efficiency and cost-saving in time and materials! Thus far the main control system for establishing the health trajectory is Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) combined with the electro-scanning method (ESM – See School of Electro-Crystal Therapy).

Full text: HEF Theory

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