Reconnection Healing, Music, Emotions

Reconnection Healing, Music, Emotions


The whole history of technology shows us how people gradually learned to see the source of strength in the natural objects which had seemed to them dead, inert, redundant … We are present and are vitally involved in the creation of a new geological factor in the biosphere, unprecedented in its power. Creating the noosphere from the biosphere is a natural phenomenon, a deeper and more powerful in its essence than the human history…

V.I. Vernadsky

More than seventy years ago from the time of writing these lines, scientists of many countries tried to develop approaches for measuring the parameters of the noosphere. Leading researchers proved that these parameters were determined not only by the activity of the locally surrounding environment, but also by cosmophysical processes, as well as the influence of human consciousness, both individual and collective. The prophetic insights of the school of “Russian cosmism”, primarily of N.F. Fedorov, N.A. Berdyaev, K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the revolutionary works of A.L. Chizhevsky, L.N. Gumilev, and S. E. Shnoll summed up the conceptual and practical basis of V.I. Vernadsky’s ideas. Time has come for the pilot study of the noosphere processes.

Measuring human emotions

In 2008-2009 we began testing a new device we had developed to study the environment, and unexpectedly found out that it responds to human emotions, both individual and group. From that time we conducted many experiments with different people, at the workshops, seminars and musical performances.

Eric Perl

Eric Perl

A series of measurements was made several times in the U.S. and Europe during the workshops conducted by Dr. Eric Pearl within his project entitled “Reconnection Healing”. The response of the sensor to group emotions was detected, namely, to the emotional response of the participants of the seminar on current events.

The sensor was placed in the room where the seminar was held. We made “background” measurements in an empty room during 1 hour before the arrival of the participants; then we continued measurements during all sessions and presentations; and for another half an hour after the end of the seminar. Measurements were conducted in the U.S. with the help of my friend and experienced researcher Krishna Madappa and by Dmitry Orlov in Holland.

A special value of the experiments in the United States was that the three parallel working groups of the researchers used different instruments to record the same phenomena.

Dr. William Tiller from Stanford University, the author of 8 books and 250 scientific articles conducted research on how to change the physical parameters of a room or space under the action of healing frequencies during a series of educating seminars on “Healing through Reconnection”. The results he obtained were so surprising that he repeated measurements three times over the past two and a half years: twice in Los Angeles, California, and once in Tucson, Arizona, to make sure that the results were not accidental. In all the experiments he noticed a significant change in the “structural frequencies” of space where the classes were held.

In another study a group of Dr. Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona conducted measurements of the ability of people to work, to feel, to transmit and receive electromagnetic frequencies before and after the seminar “Healing through Reconnection”. Of 100 surveyed people who participated in the seminar, all participants completed the workshop with increased healing abilities, regardless of whether they were engaged in healing or not, knew nothing about it or were specialists.

During our measurements in the workshops on “Healing through Reconnection” significant correlations of the signal with the antenna connected to the GDV device were observed from the beginning of lecturing of the key speakers of the seminar. At the beginning of each presentation made by Dr. Eric Pearl an increase of the signal was observed, in many cases with significant differences and peaks, while in the silent moments and pauses the signal subsided. Fig.29 presents one of the examples. We may see some response to the beginning of the workshop, but really significant effect was detected during Dr. Pearl presentation. Energy was increasing during all the time of presentation and became stable, but very high, during group discussion. GDV measurements of fingers of the participants showed a significant glow increase after the seminar, which means that there is a positive impact of such practical training on the psycho-emotional state of man.

Similar results were detected practically at all workshops and conferences led by Dr. Eric Pearl. From physical point of view these phenomena can be explained by the formation of areas with low entropy in the room due to the focused attention of listeners, or, according to Professor William Tiller, “It relates to the formation of a negative magnetic charge in the environment. Furthermore, moreover if we take into account that the team of Professor K. Korotkov made measurements in the same room with us, then we can conclude that the interchange of information takes place between their system of measurements and ours!” A lot of these data are collected in the book “Science Confirms the Reconnective Healing”, which may be found at

Correlation between the results obtained by Dr. William Tiller and Dr. K. Korotkov make them more meaningful and open up further prospects for penetrating into the mysteries of consciousness.

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