Slovenia, the Land of Active Stones

Slovenia, the Land of Active Stones


Once Drago came home from work and complained to his mother: “My back aches, I can’t stand it any more. It seems I’ll have to go to town, to the doctor”.

Mother replied: “Son, try to lie on the rocks. You know, down there in the dell. All people from our village have been there treating illnesses”.

Drago obeyed and went to lie down on the stones in the place well-known to him. His back, indeed, stopped aching. And the pain did not arise again. Then Drago, being a sharp-witted and resourceful person, went to the town hall and for a little money bought a piece of land including a gorge with stones into his private ownership. Then he printed tourist brochures and arranged with drivers of tour buses that they would bring tourists to him (of course, getting their interest from each group brought). At the entrance to the dell a little booth was placed where a small fee was collected from visitors. Things were in a fair way. More and more people reported on positive effects from the impact of the stones. In 2001 Ljubljana hosted an international conference on advanced areas of biology and medicine. I was invited to this meeting, and after completion of the research program we were taken on trips to beautiful places of Slovenia, we also visited Tunitsa Village, the garden of healing stones.

Having measured the state of several people before and after visiting the stones with a GDV device, we were convinced that they really dramatically increase the level of energy. Drago closely watched what we were doing and asked for copies of all pictures; and six months later he arrived at Petersburg to the Congress on Bioelectrography together with his daughter Katya, a clever and beautiful girl. Katya quickly learned to work, and they took a GDV device with them to Slovenia for measurements of all visitors before and after treatment with the stones. This further contributed to the popularity of the resort.

In autumn 2007 we met again in Slovenia, that time the conference entitled “Measuring Energy Fields” was held in Kamnitse, a small town not far from Ljubljana, near which was the village of Tunitsa. Drago and Katya were active members of the conference organizing committee.

Full text: Slovenia, The Energy of Space

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