The Reality of Invisible

“The Reality of Invisible”


Kirlianographies of Sofia Blank, a researcher and author of 3 books, a member of the World Union of Writers and USA coordinator at НДЭАМ (NSEWA – World’s Assembly).

Dear Teachers, friends, parents and grandparents!

The invisible world surrounding us, although not seen by the physical eye of a human being, constantly interacts with us.

Depending upon the type of an energy-charge within each and every one of us, we attract and gravitate towards either positive – “angelic” – energies, or “demonic” ones from the lowest astrals.

The type of a charge in energy on the photos is determined by a dowsing method.

No doubt, you’ve heard about the “invisible world”, but have you ever had a chance to see actual documents confirming the reality of interaction between the beings of these invisible worlds and men, animals, plants, crystals etc.?

The photos presented below, show what occurs within aura, a space near the bio-field and physical body of a human being at a different moments in life and during the experiments.
You can find more in-depth information in her books and the album of Kirlianographies of Sofia Blank, it is also available in a film on the website:

Kirlian photos – a special kind of photography that captures a bio-field, also known as aura – allow us to see and document changes taking place within auras. This technique is well established, acclaimed and widely used in various scientific researches all over the world.

Special attention must be paid to understanding that a child’s aura, in its early stages, is very weak and vulnerable to all harmful influences. Pictures taken of a child’s aura often show a weak, sometimes a bare contour of a disconnected/punctured aura with gaps in it. Through these gaps a drainage of positive energy occurs, allowing negative energies to flow in and embed themselves into the aura, destabilizing child’s behavior and, hence, the life.

Inadequacy in children’s behavior usually causes worries and anxiety in adults, who turn to modern medicine for help. But in most cases, the reason/s for these inadequacies are due to lack of protection in children’s auras and parent’s/teacher’s inability to understand and respond properly to correct such behavior.

What must be done in these situations? – Practice the defense of child’s aura!
How? – Pray, make an appeal to the DIVINE for help.
Why? – Because a thought is material and Forces of Light respond to you by sending positive energies and creating a field of protection around the child and you, as a conductor of energy. Fear not – OUR FATHER and FORCES OF LIGHT always send positive energies into the child’s and yours auras in response to your call for help and protection.

You will find a confirmation of what is stated here in the enclosed Kirlian photos and comments about them. Please, take your time to get familiar with this information – it will help you make a better, more intelligent choices to correct your child’s behavior in a day-to-day situations.


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