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The foundation of TRANSLIGHTERS theory is the Theory of Physical Structures and Synergy of Informational Processes. The Theory of Physical Structures is developed by Russian scientist Yuri Kulakov. This theory presents absolutely new view to our reality as the presentation of other reality, the reality of physical structures.

1613988_10203481154730384_1643893563_n.jpgWe can see some analogy of it looking into children’s toy kaleidoscope where we can actually see mirrors and structures that are small pieces of multi-coloured glass as a system of complex representation. The structures themselves are constant, but they interact with each other, rotating and moving into different positions. Their interaction is reflected in mirrors creating fancy ornaments and pictures. The same happens in reality, where the majestic diversity of nature is created through interaction of structures that can not be observed, but they influence everything. We have studied the structural interactions for a long time, and have developed methods of making structures with some pre-set properties.

1900114_471878866247641_1000995663_n.jpgOur research shows that these methods have extremely good perspectives. In TRANSLIGHTERS there are no moving parts or any sources of energy, there are only representations of structures. But these devices work! We are surprised by ourselves with results that we’ve obtained. The devices look like pieces of plastic, which can be put into a bracelet, sleeping mask, clothes, etc. After some time they start helping their users to keep up Biointernet connections.

The main measurable effect of use of TRANSLIGHTERS is normalization of functions and systems of human body. This means, if some parameter of system is below norm it can be increased with use of Translighter, if it is above normal level – it becomes lower. The fixed quality of normalization of BIO-systems proves that Translighters are absolutely harmless and cannot damage any organism. Thereby it increases quality and quantity of BIO-light, transparency of BIO-crystals grow, man gradually acquires the characteristics of BIO-laser.

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