The Basis of Life Processes

Biophysical Energy Transfer Mechanisms in Living Systems: The Basis of Life Processes. KONSTANTIN KOROTKOV, Ph.D. 1, BERNEY WILLIAMS, Ph.D. 2, and LEONARD A. WISNESKI, M.D., F.A.C.P. 3 1 – St. Petersburg Technical University ITMO, Russia; 2 – Holos University Graduate Seminary, Fairview, Missouri; 3-George Washington University Medical Center.

What is Electro Photon Imaging

What is Electro Photon Imaging Krishna Madappa What is Electro Photon Imaging : Is based on stimulated emission of photons and electrons in excited states in a high-density electromagnetic field. The avalanche and sliding discharge effects that take place, function as amplification of weak emissions of electrons in excited states and photons (photon-multiplier effect) from […]

IUMAB Gallery

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Effect of Integrated Yoga Program

Effect of Integrated Yoga Program on Energy Outcomes as a Measure of Preventive Health Care in Healthy People Kuldeep Kumar Kushwah,a, b, c, d Hongasandra Ramarao Nagendra,a, d Thaiyar Madabusi Srinivasana, d S-VYASA University, Bangalore, India A Study Design; B Data Collection; C Statistical Analysis, D Manuscript Preparation