Christos Drossinakis Seminar 17-28.08.2018

Christos Drossinakis Seminar 17-28.08.2018 23 people took part in the seminar in Halkida, Greece. They meditated every morning under the guidance of Christos Drossinakis and Bettina Heiler and had several sessions during the day.

GDV/EPI publications in 2008-2018

GDV/EPI papers on medicine and psychophysiology published in 2008-2018 In 2010 we published review of papers on application of GDV/EPI technology in medicine and psychophysiology published before 2007 . Herewith we present list of papers published in 2008-2018.

The Biointernet Network

About The Biointernet Network Project The Biointernet network on the Internet network Welcome!

Translighters Super and Lad on Sport

Translighters Super and Lad on Sport Resume from the Report of Research Translighters Super and Lad on Sport

The Best GDV Course

Best GDV Course = GDV Diagnostics + Bio-Well Course Order the Best GDV Course Now! Save Money, Save Time! For all models of GDVCAMERA users (Bio-Well, VivAlign, etc)

GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov GDV

GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov GDV = Western Medicine + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda For all models of GDVCAMERA users (Bio-Well, VivAlign, etc) GDV Bioelectrography in Medicine on Human Light System Online course Dr. Dvoryanchikov – GDV Diagnostics Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov is a famous and recognized doctor in his profession as a reflexologist, a specialist in neurology, reflex therapy, regenerative […]

Bio-Well Video Course

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Course with Kirill Korotkov, Konstantin Korotkov, Dieter Zenke, Karen O’Dell, Dmitry Orlov, Thornton Streeter, Boris Petrovic, Hesham Sami and Krishna Madappa