Light effects on circadian rhythm and sleep mask

Light effects on circadian rhythm (circadian rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats every 24 hours) and sleep mask It can refer to any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been … Read more Light effects on circadian rhythm and sleep mask

HLS 3.0 finished

Thank you, Friends, Students and Teachers! Human Light System online course 3.0 finished The Last Game with Kirill Korotkov, Sergey Avdeev and Maria Shlenskaya HLS 3.0 finished The Last Game of Translighters Games Series – online interactive, the Biointernet Show with Sergey Avdeev, Kirill Korotkov and Maria Shlenskaya HLS 3.0 – Season 2018-2019 Seasons 1-4 … Read more HLS 3.0 finished

Mapping the Human Biofield

Mapping the Human Biofield by Dr. Thornton Streeter Mapping the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Biofileld Centre for Biofield Sciences Mapping the Human Biofield

Support For Dr. Stanley Krippner

Support For Dr. Stanley Krippner From Bioelectrography and IUMAB History: Shortly after the announcement of its foundation, support came from scientists of diverse countries and professional backgrounds. Among them well known researchers from the pioneering times of bioelectrography, such as physicist Viktor Adamenko (formerly USSR, now Greece), psychologist Stanley Krippner (USA), psychiatrist Vittoria Manganas (Greece), Ion … Read more Support For Dr. Stanley Krippner

Mind-Matter Interaction and Light

New Mind-Matter Interaction Experiments Involving Light Dean Radin Many types of physical systems have been used in experiments investigating mind-matter interactions (MMI). A smaller number of studies have used light as the target of mental influence. Studies involving light are especially useful for studying MMI because light reveals behavior that is distinctively quantum in nature. … Read more Mind-Matter Interaction and Light

Ecology of consciousness

Ecology of consciousness Integration methods diagnostic informational influence in the work of the state structures Natalina  Litvinova A key element of government – is people. Population health is a priority issue of national security.  The project-“Ecology of consciousness” focused on the integration methods of diagnosis information on human exposure to the work of state structures. The … Read more Ecology of consciousness

MyStone device by Dr. Kozhemyakin

MyStone - Beauty, Sport and Health in one device

MyStone device by Dr. Kozhemyakin – Low and Superlow device MyStone device with Beauty, Sport and Health programs MyStone device managed by App on your phone Research about AK TOM you can find on Dr. Kozhemyakin website MyStone device – AK TOM Technologies by Dr. Kozhemyakin MyStone® device for beauty, sport and health treatment (non medical now) MyStone … Read more MyStone device by Dr. Kozhemyakin

Moon Phase Now

Moon Phase Today Moon Phase Now Moon Phases 2019 – Lunar Calendar Moon Phase Now – important parameter for Korotkov’s images 2019 Moon Phases Calendar What is the “Moon Phase Today” or “Moon Phase Now“?  Times for the full Moon, new Moon, and the phases in between The moon today . . Beyond the phases of the Moon, you … Read more Moon Phase Now

Dr. Kozhemyakin – Ideas, tEchnologies, DeVices

Dr. Kozhemyakin – Ideas, tEchnologies, DeVices Alexander Kozhemyakin inventor of MyStone, AK TOM devices, BioCor for Bio-Well, Stella Equipment (professional medical equipment for clinics and hospitals), and other EHF and IR devices.  Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin is the author of Millimeter wave therapy technologies that work at the cell level.  Millimeter therapy formed the basis for the operation of the MyStone, AK TOM, CEM-TECH … Read more Dr. Kozhemyakin – Ideas, tEchnologies, DeVices

IUMAB Projects

Dear Friends, Welcome to IUMAB Projects! Kirlian Photography as Art and Science Human Light System Research project. Experimental 5 years online course, Video Series and more inside HLS Project The Energy of Space Consciousness and Environment Research Project Moon Phase Today, Full Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, New moon GDVCAMERA by DrK GDVCAMERA – Stress & Energy level measurement … Read more IUMAB Projects