David Bowie and Kirlian Photography

On November 3rd 1975, David Bowie – in the final stages of recording his legendary album Station to Station – took possession of a strange Kirlian device. Bowie was at this time heavily into the occult; the artwork of Station to Station would feature an image of him sketching the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on […]


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IUMAB Gallery

IUMAB Gallery – pin it, tweet it, like it, share it IUMAB Gallery – thousands images about Bioelectrography, Human Light System, Yoga, Meditation, Distant Influence, Electrophotonics Imaging, Kirlian Photography, Intuition, Human Energy Field and more   Kirlian photography Kirlians Human Light System, album 1 Human Light System, album 2 Human Light System, album 3 Human […]

Human Light System Series

Human Light System Series HLS Series. Part One. The Healer. 2012-2013

Reconnection Healing, Music, Emotions

Reconnection Healing, Music, Emotions   The whole history of technology shows us how people gradually learned to see the source of strength in the natural objects which had seemed to them dead, inert, redundant … We are present and are vitally involved in the creation of a new geological factor in the biosphere, unprecedented in […]