Conference on the Biofield and the Science of Healing

1st Int. Conference on the Biofield and the science of healing This is an event created by the members of the Council of Biofield Sceintists and the Energy Medicine Exchange

Rosemary Steel on Kirlian Photography and Holistic Health

Jörg Fuhrmann in a Dialogue with former IUMAB Vice-President Rosemary Steel on Kirlian Photography, Holistic Healing and Energy-Phenomena. Rosy is the real “Grand Lady of Kirlian-Technique”. She studied Photography and practiced over 30 Years on Holistic Health. At February 2015 she visited me at our Institute in Switzerland (Canton Schaffhausen) near Lake Constance.

David Bowie and Kirlian Photography

On November 3rd 1975, David Bowie – in the final stages of recording his legendary album Station to Station – took possession of a strange Kirlian device. Bowie was at this time heavily into the occult; the artwork of Station to Station would feature an image of him sketching the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on […]

Semyon Kirlian 

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian was a Russian inventor and researcher of Armenian descent, who along with his wife Valentina Khrisanovna Kirlian, a teacher and journalist, discovered and developed Kirlian Photography. Kirlian was born in Yekaterinodar, now Krasnodar, Russia of Armenian descent. He possessed an early interest in, and aptitude for, work with electricity. Just before the Russian Revolution of 1917, Kirlian attended a conference […]

Dr. Thelma Moss

Dr. Thelma Moss FROM THE BIOELECTROGRAPHY HISTORY 1974 – The Probability Of The Impossible: Scientific Discoveries and Explorations of the Psychic World by Thelma Moss.  In The Probability of the Impossible, Dr. Thelma Moss presents a rare picture of a parapsychologist at work in her laboratory and in the field. She explores the seemingly incredible assumptions of parapsychologists and carefully shows […]


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Human Light System Series

Human Light System Series HLS Series. Part One. The Healer. 2012-2013