Application of Gas Discharge Visualization Technique for Assessing Effects of Mobile Phone

Application of Gas Discharge Visualization Technique for Assessing Effects of Mobile Phone‐induced Electromagnetic Field on Subtle Energy Levels of Teenagers and Protective Value of Yoga Intervention

Praerna Bhargav, Vandana Suresh1, Alex Hankey1, Hemant Bhargav1

Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, Anvesana Research Laboratories, S-VYASA Yoga University, 1Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Background: We found quanti able effects of mobile phone-induced radio-frequency electromagnetic eld (RF-EMF) on subtle energy levels of teenagers through gas discharge visualization technique in a previous randomized controlled study. The present study assesses potential protective value of simple and well-known Yoga technique of Nadishuddhi pranayama on RF-EMF-induced changes on subtle energy levels of teenagers. Materials and Methods: We enrolled thirty healthy right-handed healthy teenagers (15 males and 15 females) in the age range of 16.30 ± 2.26 years from educational institutes in Bengaluru. Each participant was assigned to four randomly allocated conditions on separate days: (1) (mobile phone in “ON” mode at right ear [MPON]), (2) (mobile phone in “OFF” mode [MPOF]), (3) (MPON mode with Nadishuddhi Pranayama), and (4) (MPOF mode with Nadishuddhi Pranayama). Subtle energy levels of various organs of the participants were measured using gas discharge visualization camera Pro device, in single-blind condition, at two points of time: (1) baseline and (2) after 15 min of MPON/MPOF/MPON with Nadishuddhi/MPOF with Nadishuddhi exposure, respectively. Repeated measures ANOVA with Bonferroni adjustment was applied to perform the data analysis using SPSS version 10.0. Results: After MPON condition, the following subtle energy variables showed reduction in energy levels as compared to MPOF: (1) integral area, (2) cerebral zone cortex, (3) liver, 4) spleen, (5) right kidney, (6) pancreas, (7) thyroid, and (6) jejunum. Adding simultaneous practice of Nadishuddhi to MPON condition did not enhance subtle energy in any of the organs. Conclusion: The subtle energy-reducing effects of MPON condition on various organs, as compared to sham, were consistent with our previous study. Simultaneous practice of Nadishuddhi pranayama for 15 min, during RF-EMF exposure, did not resist reduction of subtle energy levels. Other yoga-based techniques such as meditations may be explored in future studies.

Keywords: Electromagnetic eld, electrophotonic imaging, gas discharge visualizer, mobile phone, Nadishuddhi pranayama

Full text, PDF: 2017 Bio-Well mobile phones Research

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