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Human Light System Series

Human Light System Series HLS Series. Part One. The Healer. 2012-2013

Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov

Bio-Well – contemporary model of GDVCAMERA by Dr. Korotkov  GDVCAMERA BIO-WELL Revolutionary Instrument to reveal Energy Fields of Human and Nature

The History of Bioelectrography

The Bioelectrography History Since 500BC  HISTORY OF GDV BIOELECTROGRAPHY (KIRLIANGRAPHY, ELECTROPHOTONICS, etc) 500BC – Testing of genuine amber by static process in China 1541-1603 – Electroscope, William Gilbert 1602-1686 – Electrostatic machine, Otto Querricke & Hauksbee, 1661-1713 – Resulted in the reproduction of electrical phenomena in the laboratory 1622 – Magnetic declination varies with time, […]

Human Light System

Human Light System IUMAB Research Project Since 2012 Human Light System – information transfer using electromagnetic waves (Light) through liquid (Water)