Conference on the Biofield and the Science of Healing

1st Int. Conference on the Biofield and the science of healing This is an event created by the members of the Council of Biofield Sceintists and the Energy Medicine Exchange

Is There an Information Field in the Life World?

Is There an Information Field in the Life World? Empirical Approach Using Electrophotonic Analysis Erico Azevedo1 and José Pissolato Filho2 1. Ontopsychology Department, AMF, Estrada Recanto Maestro, 338, 97200-000, Restinga Seca-RS, Brazil 2. Energy Systems Department, FEEC/Unicamp, Rua Albert Einstein, 400, 13083-852, Campinas-SP, Brazil

Nikola Tesla

1880 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM THE BIOELECTROGRAPHY HISTORY NIKOLA TESLA Nikola Tesla He showed, in a public presentation, a luminous halo around human body and another objects while exposed to a strong electromagnetic field with high A.C. voltage and high frequency. But he considered this subject only as a scientific curiosity that received the […]

IUMAB Gallery

IUMAB Gallery – pin it, tweet it, like it, share it IUMAB Gallery – thousands images about Bioelectrography, Human Light System, Yoga, Meditation, Distant Influence, Electrophotonics Imaging, Kirlian Photography, Intuition, Human Energy Field and more   Kirlian photography Kirlians Human Light System, album 1 Human Light System, album 2 Human Light System, album 3 Human […]