Dr William Tiller

Dr William Tiller

Dr William Tiller has spent over a decade on a theory that others are now calling the Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive – Negative Space/time. Richard Gerber calls it the Tiller-Einstein Model because it’s insights are basic to the Einsteinian equation relating energy to matter from which it is derived. The most familiar form of this equation is as follows: E=mc2, however this is not the entire expression. The shorter equation is modified by a proportionality constant known as the Einstein-Lorentz Transformation. This transformational constant is the relativistic factor that describes how different parameters of measurement from time distortion to alteration of length, width,and mass will vary according to the velocity of the systems being described the true Einsteinian equation is as below:

Diagram 1
Einstein-Lorentz Transformation

The classical interpretation of Einstein’s famous equation is that the energy contained within a particle is equivalent to the product of its mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. This means there is an incredible amount of potential energy stored within a tiny particle of matter. A more complete understanding of Einstein’s equation has evolved over time which may begin to help scientists comprehend the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. Einstein’s equation suggests that matter and energy are interconvertable and interconnected. Subatomic matter is actually a form of condensed particularized energy i.e. a frozen mini-energy field. The atomic bomb is one example how matter can be converted into energy. When one examines the extended equation above in which E=mc2 is modified by the Einstein-Lorentz Transformation new insights into the dimensional aspects of matter both gross and subtle matter can be appreciated. If one accelerates a particle faster and faster until it approaches the speed of light its kinetic energy increases exponentially as described by the equation K.E.=½mv2, where v is velocity. see diagram below.

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