Electrophotonic imaging and its applications

Preliminary study of Kirlian image in digital electrophotonic imaging and its applications

Almost every single existing Medical Imaging techniques available nowadays is dealing with captured noninvasive radiations spectrum (NIR) in digital image form to aid the visualization probes for disease diagnosis and treatment process. Electrophotonic Imaging is one among them. In this paper, a preliminary study on the Kirlian image and its current applications are carried out and proposed the Kirlian effects to process numerically by blob extraction and segmentation technique using mathematical morphology of digital image processing. This pilot study is principled to analyze an insight conclusion of digital analysis on Kirlian spectrum by introducing a pre-processing procedure to extract the effects texture as the radiation energy signature based on its most significant glow (digitally imaged isolines) used for medical biometric and disease interpretations. This paper achieved to simplify the procedure of blob extraction for Kirlian effect digitally to defines four (4) parameters as the image feature, subsequently introduce it as Kirlian `digital signature’.


Since the 18th century, our knowledge of the usability of electromagnetic in biomedicine is well established, but premature developments into those ideas and techniques nowadays did not flourish as much as the digital advancement evolve rapidly to improve future quality of human life. In the scope of the electromagnetic study, Ignatov et al. in [2] are accomplished to recognize various types of non-ionizing radiation (NIR) wave emitted from the human body in electromagnetic range; Corona discharge spectrum is one of them. As in [3], the link between electromagnetic fields and the behaviours of the living organism in psychomagnetobiology principle is elucidated the separations of electric and magnetic spectrum for disease diagnosis and treatment, where’s the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) and its electrophotonic camera is the current technique used to collecting signals from the living organism using electrical stimulation.

Date of Conference: 21-21 Oct. 2017
Date Added to IEEE Xplore25 December 2017
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INSPEC Accession Number: 17452504
Publisher: IEEE
Conference Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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