Health and Energy

Health and Energy

Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all.
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Ancient people once believed that four pillars standing on a giant turtle supported the flat Earth. We want to re-introduce the concept of the 4 Pillars as foundational supports for our health. Using the four pillar principle, in 80% of situations, you will keep yourself and people around you in good health. At the same time, this is the very basis of Bio-Well analysis, which in 80% of cases leads you to the right clues to comprehend the core reasons behind health problems and fosters the development of step-by-step protocols to help patients dramatically improve their condition.

But first of all, let us consider what is meant by health. The World Health Organization defines “Health” accordingly: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

From a medical point of view, health is ultimately based upon the level of energy you experience on a daily basis. Every cell within our body is an energy station , generating energy in mitochondria . Bad health is caused by a loss of energy at the level of our cells. Most peoples ’ health complaints today may be attributed to functional disturbances in their bodies ’ ability to produce and utilize energy. Lack of energy is created by the slow accumulation of damage due to toxicity , hormone depletion , lifestyle choices , and mindset. All our discussions are related to the notion of energy

We use this notion in the Bio-Well programs, and emphasize that all this is based on the classical definition:
 Energy, (from the Greek “Energeia” – action, activity), is a general quantitative measure of the movement and interactions of all kinds of matter.
 In nature, energy does not arise out of nothing and does not disappear – it just may transform from one form into another. The concept of energy ties together all phenomena of nature.
 Nature exists only as open systems which constantly exchange energy and information with the environment. The human organism is an open system connected to Earth, Sun and Universe.
 Mass is a form of condensed energy generated in the process of development which transforms back to energy after death.

So energy is the basic concept. Many other physical notions, such as work, power, and force may be derived from energy. We know of many different forms of energy and how they transform into each other. To climb a mountain, your own biological energy is spent; arriving at the top you have an extra potential energy; however, if you fell off the cliff kinetic energy would be in play.

Just as there are different ways matter can move, there are also different forms of energy: kinetic and potential, mechanic, electromagnetic, nuclear and so on. These divisions are generally well known. Chemical energy is made up of the kinetic energy or the movement of electrons and the electrical energy of the interaction of electrons amongst themselves and with atomic nuclei. Internal energy is equal to the sum of the kinetic energy of molecular movement around the center of a body mass and the potential energies resulting from the interaction of molecules amongst themselves.

The theory of relativity shows that the energy E, of the body, is inextricably linked to its mass, m, as in the equation E = mc2, where c is the velocity of light in a vacuum. This means that in any amount of mass, we have huge energy potential. The best proof is an atomic or nuclear bomb, where we directly extract great energy from little mass.

In accordance with our understanding, the main reservoir of free energy in biological processes is electron-excited states of complex molecular systems. When physical or mental work is done, electrons distributed in protein structures are transported within their given place and provide the process of oxidative phosphorylation (i.e. the energy supply for the local functioning system). A part of these electron-excited states is expended for the support of current energy resources in the organism. A part can also be reserved for the future, as in lasers after absorption of a pump pulse. Communities of delocalized excited π- electrons within protein macromolecules are the basis of this energy reservoir. The organism forms an electron “energy depot,” at some moments requiring great resources or rapid flowing under conditions of extra -high loads — typical , for example , for professional sport . [Korotkov K., Williams B., Wisneski L. Biophysical Energy Transfer Mechanisms in Living Systems: The Basis of Life Processes. J Altern Complement Medicine, 2004, 10, 1, 49-57]. Electron -excited states in complex molecular systems are the main reservoir of free energy in biological processes. These excited states are continuously supported at the expense of electron circulation in the biosphere. The main “working substance” is water and the energy source is the sun. In other words, the notion of « energy transfer », characteristic of the ideas of Eastern medicine , might be associated with the transport of electron -excited states through molecular protein complexes.

Every human body possesses energy and this energy can transform from one type into another. The human body has tremendous resources of energy, which may be used for physical, emotional or mental activity. We derive this energy from food, water and light. These are the main resources of life.
Biological life depends on using the energy of photons from the sun. This energy is converted into electron energy by photosynthesis in plants. Through a series of transformations in complex chains of albuminous molecules, this light energy is converted into energy for our body. Thus, biological life is based on light energy and organic compounds serve as the working material for the conversion of this energy. The basic ingredients for all conversions are water and air.

Consequently, we are all children of the Sun, living on the light of the world, and we ourselves emit light!

According to classical physics, the energy of any system is constantly changing and can assume any value. According to the quantum theory, the energy of micro particles, whose movement occurs in a limited area in space (for example, electrons in atoms), adopts a discrete series of values. Atoms radiate electromagnetic energy in the form of discrete portions – light quanta, or photons.

We can tell, that the basis of life is Sun, Air and Water and, in principle, this is enough to support life. There are people, so named “Sun eaters”, who do not consume food, but live only on the energy of Nature.
In Bio-Well images (Bio-grams) we evaluate energy of the photons, emitted by the subject.

The Bio-Well instrument indirectly measures electron densities in human systems and organs, as well as the character of the stimulated electron currents. These electron densities are the fundamental basis of the physiological energy, so we can state with confidence that the Bio-Well instrument makes it possible to measure the body’s potential energy reserve.

Intercommunication in the organism — as well as its communication with the environment — comes on the level of photons and electrons. This is the basis of quantum regulation of the system homeostasis. This is a dynamic process that changes every fraction of a second. Any Bio-Well image snapshot we create can change in the next instant depending upon the stability of the organism functioning.

We have to transform towards an understanding of life as an ever- changing dynamic energy process.

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