Swedish model of Integrated Mental Training

Swedish model of Integrated Mental Training


Psycho-Dynamic and Bio-Energetic Results of the well-known Swedish model of Integrated Mental Training were under study. 19 formally students 18–21 years of age of both sexes were assessed. Changes of Profile of Mood States (POMS) parameters, stress-profile test, Bilateral Digital Registration of Quasi-Constant Potential or of Omega-Potential, conductivity of acupoints and intensity of energy-emission patterns (GDV Technique) were measured. It was noted that during the course of systematic mental training (7 weeks, 35 sets) in the POMS profile the “Vigour” factor starts dominating (p < 0.01) which results in individual statistically reliable stress-tolerance (p < 0.01) and psychosocial adaptation (p < 0.05) development. Conductivity normalisation and stabilisation of all the 12 main acupoints meridians together with balance increase between intersystem acupoints current values (“Yin”“Yang”) and intensification and modification of GDV patterns (p < 0.01)   also emerged in the course of training. The phenomenon of Psycho-Energetic Phasing Activation under active imagining conditions was discovered from the data of energy-emission analysis. Basing upon multi-parameter factors and correlative analysis the data received was treated as bioelectrographic correlates of psycho-energetic self-regulation processes and integrated psycho-dynamic effects under the influence of systematic mental training


Key words: Mental Training, Altered States of Consciousness, Energy-Emission Analysis, GDV technique, Psycho-energetic Effect.


LARS-ERIC UNESTAHL, Ph.D. Prof. President of Scandinavian International University and Founding President of the International Society of Mental Training. L.-E. Uneslahl is well known in the area of hypnosis and self hypnosis, he published numerous works on Mental Training in sport, wellness and personal development areas.


PAVEL BUNDZEN. M.D.. Ph.D. Prof. Director in Science of Saint Petersburg Research Institute of Sport. Member of Petrovsky Academy of Science and Art. Visiting Professor of Scandinavian International University. Main area of research has been psycho-physical mechanisms of Alternative States of Consciousness and Mental Training.


KONSTANTIN KOROTKOV, Ph.D. Prof. Saint Petersburg Federal Technical University “SPIFMO” . Vice – president of the International Unit for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography. President of “Kirlionics Technologies International” Ltd. Associate Editor of the Journal “Consciousness and Physical Reality”. He published 4 books and more than 70 scientific papers on development and applications of GDV technique.

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