Konstantin G. Korotkov
St. Petersburg Federal University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia



Ecological state of the environment and its influence on the health and well-being of people is determined by the total set of parameters bio and techno-sphere. These include features and climate of the area, in particular, the level of solarization, the level of air pollution, the distribution of the electromagnetic fields, both natural and anthropogenic origin, and many other factors. As shown in recent years, a significant contribution is made by such heterogeneity of the earth’s crust structure as discontinuous zones of tectonic disturbances and tensions, in particular, ancient buried rivers1,2 . In the period 1992-2005 in St. Petersburg, Russia, a large scientific team took a number of geological, geochemical, geographical and ecological surveys, correlating them with the health status of population. As a result, a statistically significant correlation between the level of disease in different areas of St. Petersburg and the presence of underground anomalies was demonstrated3 . The influence of the electromagnetic field on the human health is widely discussed4, including effects of electromagnetic radiation of artificial origin on the overall balance of the Earth’s own microwave radiation and the response of biological systems to perturbations of the electromagnetic field in the high frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) bands through human activities5 . The variety of factors and their dynamic nature requires the use of complex specialized methods that is not always available, even for well-equipped research centers. This makes the evaluation of hazards difficult even for large companies, not to mention the individual citizens. Meanwhile, a similar assessment is fundamentally important both at the design phase of new construction, and in the analysis of the causes of poor health and increased incidence of people in certain climatic and geographical areas. Therefore, the actual challenge for engineering is to develop a low-cost device for informative comprehensive evaluation of the integral parameters of the ecological environment, which can be used both in a professional environment, and the civilian population.

EPI/GDV Technique

The Human Energy Field (HEF) is a highly sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional, and in some instances, the spiritual assessment of an individual. To measure this, data is obtained from the fingers of both hands and is converted into an HEF image using proprietary sophisticated software. This technology is predicated on the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) process. The results are interpreted based on the energy connection of fingers with different organs and systems via meridians that are used in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Application of computer technology in the processing of electrophysiological information can significantly accelerate obtaining research results, to standardize the procedure, as well as to reduce the influence of the subjective factor. Electro diagnostic techniques such as Electro-encephalogram and Electro-cardiogram are widely used in medical practices worldwide6. A promising method already utilized in sixty-two countries to great success is bioelectrography, based on the Kirlian effect. This effect occurs when an object is placed on a glass plate and stimulated with current; a visible glow occurs, the gas discharge. With EPI/GDV (electro-photon imaging through gaseous discharge visualization) bioelectrography cameras, the Kirlian effect is quantifiable and reproducible for scientific research purposes. Images captured (BIO-grams) of all ten fingers on each human subject provide detailed information on the person’s psycho-somatic and physiological state7. The EPI/GDV camera systems and their accompanying software are currently the most effective and reliable instruments in the field of bioelectrography8,9,10,1112. EPI/GDV applications in other areas are being developed as well13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21

Through investigating the fluorescent fingertip images, which dynamically change with emotional and health states, one can identify areas of congestion or health in the whole system. Each generated fingertip photograph is analyzed by sector division, according to acupuncture meridians. Dr. Peter Mandel, in Germany22, and Dr. Voll, over many decades, have developed this intricate and well-defined method of seeing into the entire body through the fingertips. EPI/GDV technique researchers created a diagnostic table based on years of their own clinical field-testing, the sector basis of which differs slightly from that of Dr Mandel23.

The parameters of the image generated from photographing the finger surface under electrical stimulation creates a neurovascular reaction of the skin, influenced by the nervous- humoral status of all organs and systems. Due to this, the images captured on the EPI/GDV register an ever-changing range of states24. In addition, most healthy people’s EPI/GDV readings vary only 8-10% over many years of measurements, indicating a high level of precision in this technique. A specialized software complex registers these readings into parameters which elucidate the person’s state of wellbeing at that time25.

Monitoring the Environment

The GDV device with a specially designed sensor called the “Sputnik antenna” is used to monitor the Energy of the Environment and its effects on emotional status. The “Sputnik antenna” is a specialized Bio-Well device that measures the energy of the environment in a room that enables you to see how it varies when people meditate, pray or listen to a presentation. The physical principle it is based on is measuring the electrical capacitance of a space by using two connected resonance contours.


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