Intuitive Information Sight 

Intuitive Information Sight

Clinical case study of a blind from birth student

K.K. Kortokov, T.Karovina

International Society of Intuitive Information Sight

 Student T., born in 1950, 62 years. Blind from birth. The perception of light was stable. He was able to determine the location of windows without difficulty in any unknown room even during cloudy days. When he was outside the building in the dark, he saw a light in the open doorway, light circles under the streetlights, the moon in the sky. After two eye operations during his life his perception of light had got a lot worse. His ability to perceive light objects, as described above, was lost.

After finishing studying in a special school Student T. continued in a music school, he became a music teacher and a head of a small rock band. He is married with a woman blind from birth. Fully independent and capable, actively using the computer.

From 17th to 21st of October 2012 Student T. was trained at the M. Komissarova seminar. Due to the fact that work according to methods of M. Komissarova did not have positive results, student T. continued training in ISIIS (International Society of Information Intuitive Sight), with the aim of improving his perception of the environment abilities.

24th of October 2012. The beginning of the training.

Due to the distance of more than 200km between the Student T. residence and the training centre, it was decided to train in an on line mode.

Full text: Intuitive Information Sight 

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